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Tudor Phrases and Sayings

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Tudor Phrases and Sayings

By Gary Martin

Kindle edition, published November 2011

Tudor Phrases and Sayings Kindle ebook

A collection of the phrases that Shakespeare and Henry VIII used every day.

Did you ever wonder what a 'jot' or 'tittle' was, or a 'shrift' and why it is usually short? If your 'better half' tells you have 'gone to pot' and should 'spruce yourself up', despair not - with this book you can explain that you have 'fathomed out' where those phrases came from.

It was in the Tudor period that the English language emerged in the form that we know it today. There's much in common between the language Shakespeare understood and the phrases and sayings that we now use - after all, he coined many of them himself.

Proverbs, the Bible, Shakespeare and the common language of the streets and taverns all played a part in building the way we speak now. Tudor Phrases and Sayings explains the sources and meanings of the many everyday phrases that we still use.

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