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to swing (or: to turn)the momentum

Posted by Victoria S Dennis on March 15, 2007

In Reply to: To swing (or: to turn)the momentum posted by peter on March 13, 2007

: to swing (or: to turn)the momentum sb's way
: Can you give me an English synonym or thesaurus of this phrase? I found it in an UEFA report on a football match. The full sentence was:
: The Brazilian's own goal had swung the momentum of a tight first knockout round tie Arsenal's way.
: The situation: a second leg in a Champion's League tie between Eindhoven (whose Brazilian player shot an own goal) and Arsenal London taking place at Arsenal's stadium London.
: I'm looking for an expression, which can replace the phrase "swung the momentum...Arsenal's way" in the sentence above.
: Thank you very much.

"Swung the momentum" is a bad phrase to start with. You can't swing momentum, because it isn't a physical object that can be swung; it is itself a force of motion. How about "turned the tide"? (VSD)

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