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Here today, gone tomorrow

Posted by RRC on April 23, 2007

In Reply to: Here today, gone tomorrow posted by ESC on April 22, 2007

: HERE TODAY, GONE TOMORROW -- Coined by Aphra Behn (1640-1689) who Virginia Woolf, in "A Room of One's Own," canonized "as the first professional English woman writer." From "More Than A Woman: A few of our favorite unsung heroines," Page 62-63, B*tch - feminist response to pop culture, Issue No. 35, Spring 2007.

Wikipedia also cites Virgina Woolf in stating this "fact" (she doesn't say it as quoted however, if that's what those quote marks mean ). Virgina Woolf may well have some historian qualifications that I don't know of, but it strikes me odd that VW is the accepted authority on the income of authors in the 1600's.

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