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Dogs Bollocks

Posted by Don X, aka Andy Lightshow on June 17, 2006

The phrase "Dogs Bollocks" was coined in the early eighties at Lloyd Park Pavillion during a benefit for EVS (emergency volunteer service), a group of bikers engaged in the delivery of blood to hospitals.
In an exchange of banter with "Combo Pete"(Wake Arms MCC) over a pet rat (Nemo):-
Combo Pete " Look at the bollocks on that rat"
me " shut up , this bands the rats bollocks"
Combo Pete " My dogs got bigger ones"
me " O.K this bands the dogs bollocks"

the band in question was " Jimmy Riddle and the Piss pots" aka Sam Apple Pie + Southside Blues Band.

From there the phrase entered biker vocabulary, had an ale named after it and spread to general usage.

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