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Pippin on a mountain

Posted by David FG on July 29, 2006

In Reply to: Pippin on a mountain posted by ESC on July 28, 2006

: : my mother used to always say things looked like a "" refering to things that looked oversized or out of place. was she being incredibly original or does this saying have a genuine meaning?

: Sounds similar to:

: piffy on a rock bun - Phrs. Heard in phrases expressing upset that one has been ignored or left out of an activity. Often heard shortened to "like piffy on a rock", and also just "like piffy". Etymology unknown. E.g."She forgot to tell me the meal had been cancelled, and left me standing in the rain like piffy."[North-west use]

I have never heard the phrase, but it does make sense, but not when referring to something oversized.

A pippin is a type of apple (Cox's Orange Pippin being a particularly well-known variety), so an apple would be out of scale - by being extremely small - in comparison with a mountain.


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