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bring in the stick

Posted by Bob on February 14, 2005

In Reply to: bring in the stick posted by mugball-us on February 12, 2005

: : : Does anyone know what this means?

: : : "bring in the stick of the 4th estate"

: : : It was used in the sentence, If I ever have to bring in the stick of the 4th estate I'll enlist some of your energy.

: : : Thank you.

: : The 4th Estate is the public press--tv, radio, blogs etc.

: : The speaker is talking to a reporter or some member of the 4th estate.

: : The speaker is saying that if he wants some publicity he will contact the reporter so the reporter can use the "stick" of the media to further a cause or idea.

: What about "bring in the stick"? Is this a cricket expression?

To put a bit of the stick about (as my favorite PM, Francis Urquhart used to say) is to dole out punishments to keep the party members in line.

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