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Posted by GPP on July 29, 2003

In Reply to: Smoke and a Pancake posted by Kit on July 28, 2003

: : Does anyone know what the term Smoke and a Pancake means?
: : They used it in Austin Powers and I am sure it has some sort of naughty meaning!

: More of a 'Mike Myers-ism' than an actual phrase. Dutch people are known for their delighting in accompanying the smoking of numerous 'herbs' with an assortment of savory and sweet products (I believe the technical term is 'munchies'!)

: This I learned on a trip to Amsterdam in my first year of university, which I then promptly forgot.

I have no idea how widespread it may be in the U.S., but I've always used the phrase "have the munchies" as in "I have a bad case of the munchies" to mean that I'm not really hungry, but I need something to nibble on anyway.

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