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Hack writer

Posted by BB on July 22, 2003

In Reply to: Hack writer posted by ESC on July 22, 2003

: : On the back of one of the books written by the late Canadian writer, Mordecai Richler, there is a sentence which goes: "an academic turned hack writer". What is a hack writer?

: From Merriam-Webster online 3b:

: Main Entry: 3hack
: Function: noun
: Etymology: short for hackney
: Date: circa 1721
: 1 a : a horse let out for common hire : a horse used in all kinds of work b : a horse worn out in service : JADE c : a light easy saddle horse; especially : a three-gaited saddle horse d : a ride on a horse
: 3 a : a person who works solely for mercenary reasons : HIRELING b : a writer who works on order; also : a writer who aims solely for commercial success

: To call someone a "hack" writer means he or she just grinds out the work for money. Also, it implies that the writing is poor or just adequate.

Thanks for the clear explanation!

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