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New use of "spoof"?

Posted by Masakim on July 14, 2003

In Reply to: New use of "spoof"? posted by ESC on July 14, 2003

: Cyberscam strikes Massachusetts state lottery
: By Linda Rosencrance, Computerworld
: 11/07/2003 09:14:45
: Scam artists have spoofed the Web site of the Massachusetts State Lottery Commission in an attempt to steal the personal and financial information from lottery players across the US...

: Main Entry: 1spoof
: Pronunciation: 'spüf
: Function: transitive verb
: Etymology: Spoof, a hoaxing game invented by Arthur Roberts (died 1933) English comedian
: Date: 1889
: 2 : to make good-natured fun of

: Merriam-Webster online

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