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Subdued sartorial and acting codes

Posted by MJH on July 14, 2003

In Reply to: Subdued sartorial and acting codes posted by ESC on July 14, 2003

: : Hi,

: : I have difficulty in understanding the bracketed sentences and phrases. Could anyone do me a favor?

: : (The newsreader or news anchor is a special kind of star supported by subdued sartorial and acting codes that convey sincerity. )Taken to an extreme, this can lead to ('Ken and Barbie' journalism)celiwhere the charge is made that physical attractiveness of the anchor team is taking precedence over their competence as journalists.

: : Thank you.

: The news reader or (in the U.S.) anchor wears conservative clothes and acts in a way to make the viewer have confidence in him or her. What the TV person wears and how he/she acts is more important than actual journalistic ability.

:Exactly right, unfortunately my experience has been that very few newsreaders have any journalistic training or skills.
Some even have great difficulty reading the autocue.
Most however have exceptional preening qualities.

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