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Is there any equivelent expression?

Posted by Bookworm on July 09, 2003

In Reply to: Is there any equivelent expression? posted by iulian on July 09, 2003

: Hi everybody. I have a question if you could help me with. In my native language there is an expression which can be translated in "word by word" way, like "from today to tommorow".

: This is used, for instance, when someone wants to express that he barely has enough to make a living and it is like "he lives from today to tommorow".
: Another usage would be when expressing that nothing can be steadily learnt too easy or too fast, so it is used like "nothing can be learnt from today to tommorow".

: Hoping that I managed to make myself clear, I would appreciate if anybody tell me some similar English expressions, and I mean some well-known sayings.
: Thanks in advance!

: Regards
: iulian

"Living hand to mouth", or "living paycheck to paycheck" are English expressions that describe a situation where a person is struggling to make a living.

"Rome was not built in a day" is an expression used to convey the idea that a task can not be quickly accomplished.

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