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Here's the skinny on the skinny

Posted by ESC on March 02, 2007

In Reply to: Here's the skinny on the skinny Posted by Lgf on March 02, 2007

: here's the skinny on the skinny!
: Skinny: slang expression/phrase
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: "Posted by ESC on November 07, 2002
: In Reply to: Get the skinny? posted by Michael on November 06, 2002

: : Have to find out what this means. I found it in the dictionary, but need the origin. Thanks to all."
: here's one of the explanations of the origins
: of this term, meaning the "low-down"
: the "inside information"
: from:
: define.php?term=skinny
: skinny
: A United States Marine Corps term for information.

: During world war two until the late 1960's, military orders in the
: Marine Corps were copied on paper that resembled the skin of an
: onion. It was extremly thin and fragile, and translucent in
: appearance.

: "What's the skinny on the promotions" said the private

: hope this helps


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