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I dont give a Kippers dick

Posted by Smokey Stover on July 16, 2006

In Reply to: I dont give a Kippers dick Posted by Sheila Dodd on July 08, 2006

: This is one phrase I have,nt found, maybe it is a local one from the
: West Midlands UK.....
: "I dont give a Kippers dick"... meaning "I couldnt care less," or
: "am not worried what you may think"

: If you could trace it would you be kind enough to let me know..Thank you.

A kipper is a kippered fish, usually a salmon or herring. Kippering involves slicing the fish down the middle, after which it is cleaned, cured and dried. Kipper can also refer to the live fish, usually taken to mean male salmon in the spawning season, but not always. Live or dead, kippers don't have a dick, and this phrase is one of a myriad ways of saying how little one cares. I have never heard the expression, and I don't think it's history will be easy to discover.

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