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Setting Thames on fire

Posted by Gary Martin on July 28, 2006

In Reply to: Setting Thames on fire posted by Bob on July 28, 2006

: : Setting Thames on fire = The Thames was a carding machine used to dress cotton and it was activated by turning a handle. Someone who was lethatgic was said not to be likely to set the machine on fire because of friction. Likely explanation ?

: Since there is a simlar Roman expression, using the Tiber River, and a German one using the Rhine, the relation to the carding machine seems unlikely to be the source. See previous discussion at bulletin_board 6 messages 616.html

That phrase was in the newspapers over here (UK) in 2000. There was a lot of hype about a millennium fireworks event in London called the 'River of Fire'. It turned out to be something of a damp squib and the newshounds jumped on 'Didn't set the Thames on fire' as the next day's headline.

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