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Better get back to the cactus

Posted by ESC on March 14, 2007

In Reply to: Better get back to the cactus posted by Smokey Stover on March 14, 2007

: : Does anyone know the origin of, or use the phrase "(Well), better get back to the cactus" as a way of saying they are going back to work after a break. I have only heard it used in my town.

: Perhaps you have a local wordsmith hammering out new potential clichés. A work environment full of cactus is pretty thorny, and you're like to get thorns in your side--and everywhere else. I've never heard the phrase, but perhaps "back to the salt mine" has had its day as a metaphor, and we're ready for a new one.
: SS

It's sounds like the punchline to a joke. The other day as a little social gatherine at work broke up, a guy said, "Coffee break's over. Everybody on their heads." I was the only one that laughed. He said that was because I'm an oldster. Well. Anyway the joke goes a little like this:

A new soul arrives in Hell and is being taken on a tour before selecting where he'll spend eternity. There are various tortures in various areas. Finally he is shown a room where people are drinking coffee while sitting on stools, waist-deep in sh*t.

He saids, "This looks tolerable. I pick this room."

Just then someone announces: "Coffee break's over. Everybody on their (his/her) head."

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