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"Mighty White of You"

Posted by Cynthia on July 11, 2006

"Mighty White of You": It is an insult that means that you are both clueless and arrogant. It is said in a situation where someone has said or done something as a gift or a favor for which they believe they should earn thanks, but is so ineffective or was delivered in such a condescending manner, that they have insulted the person they are pretending to help. For example: "This dress is out of style and I would never wear something made of such cheap fabric, but I thought maybe you could use it" Response "That's Mighty White of You" It implies that some white people may be, ahem, clueless and arrogant about the challenges other people face. I am white. I have met many Mighty White People. I was glad I finally found a phrase that describes it. It is similar to, but not quite like "Born on Third Base and Thought He Hit a Triple"

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