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Posted by Kit on July 21, 2003

In Reply to: P.S. posted by Kit on July 21, 2003

: : : What does "wotcher" mean? One of the characters in the new Harry Potter book keeps saying it. I am reading the American translation, but they did not translate that word. Thanks...

: : It is simply a greeting, similar to 'Hello' or 'Hi', but more colloquial. You'd have to get the origin from someone else more versed in the subject. Probably derived by simplifying and amalgamating "what you up to?" into one word.

: P.s. I wasn't aware Harry Potter needed translating!!!

P.p.s. "Wotcher" Brit. Slang - a form of casual greeting (corruption of "what cheer"). Also can be spelt "Wotcha"

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