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Some phrases plz.

Posted by James Briggs on July 31, 2003

In Reply to: Some phrases plz. posted by R. Berg on July 31, 2003

: : : hello,

: : : 1.I blew his dosh.
: : : 2.I'm upset that everyone is so quick to "write us off".
: : : 3.The relationship has already "stood the test of time".
: : : 4.To "spice up" your love life.
: : : 5.To "put someone off".

: : : Thank you all.

: : 2. "write us off" = "dismiss us and/or our ideas"
: : 3. "stand the test of time" = "endure/persist over a substantial period of time"
: : 4. "spice up" = "invigorate/rejuvenate"
: : 5. "put off" = "disaffect"

: "Put off" can also mean to delay, as in the saying "Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today." To put someone off might mean to refuse to deal with the person until later--for instance, by making excuses. "He put me off by telling me the check was in the mail."

'Dosh' is British and Australian slang for 'money'. Thus, he 'blew his dosh' is 'he spent his money'
20thC - origin unknown.

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